People voted these as the most used free ecommerce website templates in Canada

ecommerce website templates in Canada

Everyone knows the saying “it’s not what’s on the inside that counts and not on the outside”, and while that is definitely something that is true about most things in life, when it comes to online stores the outside actually matters quite a bit. If your customers don’t like what they see when they open the website, chances are they are going to close it and move to another one and that is the last thing you want. In order for you to build a website that will get those customers for you all you need to do is find the right template, and in this article we are going to help you find the perfect one by introducing you to some of our favorite free ecommerce website templates in Canada.


If you are looking for something that will give your online store a professional look, then this template is the perfect choice for you. This template isn’t one that is filled to the brim with lots of features but if you are someone that wants to develop their own store and only needs something basic then this is an amazing option. This is a really flexible template and has all of the basic requirements for an ecommerce store, so starting an online store really isn’t a difficult job and the fact that is pretty blank means that it will be suitable for any kind of business.

Smart Bazaar

Next on our list of great free ecommerce website templates in Canada is this template which is actually really focused on sales. The template comes with a lot of modern elements that have the ability to take the customers straight to any offers that you may be having which is perfect if your goal is to get them to shop more, which is what it should always be. There are no images when it comes to showing off the different categories and instead there are icons which also gives a fun twist to the classic look of an ecommerce. This template is also pretty versatile so any kind of business can benefit from it.


This is a more specialized template because its main use is for ecommerce stores that offer kitchen supplies or personal health care products. This is a template that has a full-width design which means that you will have a ton of space in which to post pictures of products and banners. This template is a fully functioning website and the only page that you will have to deal with is the checkout page which isn’t that complicated and it won’t mean a lot of work for you to get that running.

Making your online store look great should always be your goal and these amazing free ecommerce website templates in Canada will help you do just that. As you can see, they can for work for any kind of business which means that no matter what you sell, there is an ecommerce template out there for you.