Shopify Online Stores for Inspiration: 7 Beautiful & Functional Online Stores

Have you ever wondered what your ecommerce store would be like it you are using Shopify? Here are some great Shopify online stores for inspiration!

Looking for an inspiration or perhaps you need to make sure that Shopify is the right online store builder for you? You have come to the right place! We are going to list 10 amazing Shopify stores we find functional, modern, and beautiful. Each ecommerce store uses various systems and integrations making each faster and more reliable for both online sellers and customers.

Go ahead and see how the chosen stores work and how they look like actually. If you have ever wondered what your ecommerce store would be like if you are using the most popular platform on the market – Shopify, now is a perfect time to see:

  1. Lunette – This is an international business company from Finland selling menstrual cups all over the world. In 2017, Linette started running on Shopify. With Shopify, you can combine an easy and fast way of selling and a wide variety of optimized content on the same site. This business company has 8 different Shopify stores which run in localized languages and currencies.
  2. The Other Danish Guy – The story behind this business company started in New York a couple years ago. Eventually, one thing led to another and The Danish Guy was soon created. The name of the business stands out and you must admit it is pretty unique and the story behind their products are really worth reading. The underwear they sell is absolutely seamless, the products are made of shell fabric which is made from discarded fishnets.
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3- Grimforst – If you think of a Viking, what do you really see? This company sees Vikings wearing jewelry in their beards. This is a very popular business company from Sweden and sells traditional Viking items such as armor, drinking horns, and much more. Grimforst has more than 900.000 followers on Facebook and this large group of followers can be seen in the ecommerce store as well. Their warehouse and logistics run with a SaaS-based service called Shiphero which is integrated with Shopify. 4. Halti – This amazing online store gives you the look and feel that Nordic nature actually has. The navigation of their online store accommodate lots of information and leads to important information about partners and resellers.
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5. Made of Sundays – An incredible online store that sells creative wall decor, stickers, small handbags, and jewelry. This online store is run by a popular design studio that is located in Helsinki. 6. Store of Hope – This online store sells ethical products and their mission is to motivate, empower, and inspire underprivileged crafters in countries in development. For example, a lot of the products they sell are handcrafted in Nepal. This is a multi-vendor store which means that several sellers sell their products in one store together and for this type of store, Shopify is definitely a good option.

7- Pulssport – This online store sells sporty and comfortable shoes and can offer you more than 3000 products. It is an example of a store where the built-in system of Shopify is replaced with a new one. Pullsport has selected Klarna Checkout as a payment system.

You can check all of these incredible websites that will certainly inspire you and convince you that Shopify ecommerce is definitely the right platform for you to use! So, instead of wondering what would your new online store or ecommerce site look like if it was created with Shopify, go on and use the free trial Shopify offers and find out!

I have also been a customer for a few years and have always solved the technical problems in a very professional way. Problems always arise everywhere, but the customer service is exquisite and I do not change it. Thank you very much!
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Andres Gonzales